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Reservation of vehicles is only possible with the payment of a deposit within 24 hours. No cash payment over €3.000.

• The cars on this website are not repaired, have no MOT and are not delivered, unless agreed otherwise. Potential buyers should check the real state of the cars on site. If they, nevertheless, decide to buy cars based only on the multimedia files (pictures, movies, …) available on this website, they cannot, afterwards, claim that the real state of the cars is not the same as on the provide multimedia files of the car. For instance: hidden shortcomings, damages or wear. Such differences between the real and the visual state of the cars can never be a reason to get any kind of compensation, reimbursement or canceling of the sale.

• The information on this website is general and exclusively aimed for professional buyers. Non-professional buyers therefore accept they too are buying at their own risk according to professional terms. This means that the cars are not repaired, have no MOT, are not delivered and don't have any kind of guarantee.

• All cars are sold without any guarantee on damages hidden or not, and on wear of any kind. The information is not adapted to any personal or specific circumstances, and can therefore not be considered as binding personal, professional or legal advice.

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Premiumcars Bvba daily new cars from insurance companies, experts and leasing companies. Wide range of second-hand cars, accident vehicles and damaged cars and young second-hand cars with minor damage.
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